Experiment: Alfalfa as a Fence

Lucerne or Alfalfa grows fast and to 1-2 meters high, and its roots can go a few meters deep. This makes it a very attractive way of shielding off one's gardening domain.
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Using Alfalfa as a border marker has a few interesting properties:

It is probably best not to harvest Alfalfa all the way to the ground, because it would stop being a wind breaker. It is probably smarter to cut it at a height of half a meter or so. The right time is probably what is generally believed to be good, when about 10% of the flower show. During frost in winter, Alfalfa freezes to death from the ground up, without need for human intervention. It should come back the next year.

Questions to answer:

I will update this page when I know more. I'll have to try it first. If you have experiences with this idea, please let me know!

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