Ubuntu solution for GRUB reboot on VIA C3 processor

It took me quite a while to get Ubuntu Server working on my motherboard with a C3 processor. It turns out that the server kernel is not suitable.
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When I installed Ubuntu Server LTS 6.06.1 on my VIA EPIA M6000 with VIA C3 processor, I was not happy. It kept rebooting as soon as GRUB had shown to run the command boot. I tried a lot before realising the simple fact that the -server kernel was just not suitable.

The VIA C3 claims to be 386-compatible, but nothing more. The -server package assumes a faster processor, compatible with the Intel-line.

The solution was radically simple: Just installing the -386 kernel and booting that one solved the problem.

Hopefully, the load of keywords in this blog entry's title will be useful to people who know how to use Google ;-)

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