Windows Vista's Mascot

I would like to officially announce a mascot for Windows Vista.
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Linux has had a penguin as a mascot for years, and it's served well to symbolise its users who are sometimes also called penguins themselves. I think Windows Vista deserves a similarly cute mascot.


I hereby announce the Lemming as a mascot for Windows Vista users. Freedom is hereby granted to refer to those users as lemmings. One could say That computer user is not a penguin but a lemming for instance. And one could call one's ISP and start off efficiently by stating I am a lemming. Perhaps some traits of these cuddly animals will be assigned to Vista users as the term propagates; this kind of friendly folklore is what makes a mascot such a lively subject.

Legal notes

Windows, Vista and Windows Vista are probably registered trademarks from Microsoft, which itself is probably a similarly haunted word. Be sure to mention that anytime you mention these brand names in a conversation. Lemmings on the other hand, does not appear to be a trademarked brand name. In other words, it's legally safer to use this new term. The image above is taken from WikiMedia Commons.

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