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BadRAM on Xen

This is a new development for the BadRAM patch: integrating it into the Xen hypervisor. Why you ask? For several good reasons.


I have an adapted version of Xen ready, and if I poke a BadRAM page somewhere in the region that it normally allocates for Dom0, I see the address allocations of Dom0 shift to another place. So it looks like it is working.

What I need right now is a broken DDR1 DIMM that I can use to test this on the AMD64 platform. I have older DIMMs, but not anything in this class. If you have one that is damaged by (presumably) static electricity and that you can do without, please consider sending it to me!

Things that still need resolution: Protecting from faults in the base 640k of memory; learning why Dom0 is allocated contiguous memory; learning if Xen could suffer from having its physical memory map fragmented; learning how the Xen community feels about a BadRAM option for Xen.