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BadRAM: Contact information

What help do I need?

I currently have a few broken RAM modules, DIMMs, that suffered from static discharge [I guess] and form good testing material. It is always helpful to have more material to test, and I welcome submissions of your broken RAM modules!
I would very much like to get my hands on one or two statically-damaged DDR1 DIMMs. I need those for testing the new BadRAM for Xen development on which I have been working.
I also have no memory modules with ECC facilities; having such broken modules (some with recoverable errors, others beyond recovery) would be a great asset, and would enable me to support ECC stuff in the patch!

I have another need. If this patch is to work for chips that were manufactured with an error, I need to test it on RAM modules composed of such chips. If you manufacture RAM modules and see a way to get such modules to me, then please contact me. It would allow me to test my claims on that area too.

Finally, I cannot test bad memory on other architectures than i386 and AMD64. If you run Linux or Xen on something else, and if you can help me extend the BadRAM patch for it, let me know! For example, we have come quite far in supporting 64-bit processors, AMD style, but this support still has to be finalised. Since I lack machines of that architecute, I cannot complete the patch port.

How to contact me

Please do not propose to include a memory checker at boot time; I hear this in one out of five emails, and it's not a good idea. After you've run Memtest86 once, you'll understand how thorough that checker is, and how long it takes to test your memory. It is not necessary to include a quick `n' dirty checker at boot time either. This would mean you get no guarantees on finding errors, and recall that we have such a thing already in most of our BIOSes.

I used to invite responses in a guestbook for this page but it got swamped with spam, The provider isn't working against it so that channel must be considered obsolte, unfortunately. But I thank all that wrote their positive feedback in it!

Of course, you can also choose to mail me.

My snail mail address is:

	Rick van Rein
	Haarlebrink 5
	7544 WP  Enschede
	the Netherlands
This replaces previous addresses Geulstraat and Binnenes that you may have seen from me.

If you want to know more about me, you are welcome to visit my home page or my Linux page.